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Do you love eggs…especially pickled eggs? Or do you have your own chickens and have an abundance of farm fresh eggs? Do you just love trying new recipes and canning? If you enjoy making your own homemade foods that cater to your specific taste or you are looking to try some new recipes to impress your family and friends this is a great resource to have a variety of pickled egg recipes at your fingertips for a special treat to enjoy all year round.


Do you have an abundance of potatoes? Are you a canner or a wannabe canner? Or do you have store bought canned potatoes? If so, then this is the book for you! It explains how to can your own potatoes and then how to use them or store bought canned potatoes in different recipes for quick and easy meal preparation. This book is full of recipes using canned potatoes and bonus recipes for how to can caramelized onions and recipes to use them.



If you are into canning and making your own homemade foods that have your own taste and flare to them then you will enjoy this book. It contains instructions for canning fruit syrups with many recipes to get you started on filling your own pantry with the many delightful flavors. This book is good for the beginning canner that is looking for a way to get started in canning by using the water bath method as well as the more experienced canner that is looking for new and creative ways to fill all of those canning jars you’ve been collecting or even if you are not a canner and you want to make new syrups to try.


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