Budget Friendly Kindle Downloads! 1/19

These are my recommendations for Budget Friendly Kindle Downloads from .99-$4.99 for homesteaders, preppers, and do-it-yourselfers. If you do not have a Kindle you can download the Kindle for PC app on the Amazon homepage. Please “Like” and Share a link to my blog on Facebook or bookmark this blog and come back daily for more great picks. Thank you! Enjoy!

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Starter Sourdough: 100 Artisan Bread Baking recipes in one Bread Cookbook by [Rosemary King]

POCKET FIELD GUIDE: Survival Trees: Volume I by [Creek Stewart]

MITES GOODBYE: The Beginners Step by Step Guide on How to Eliminate and Get Rid of Fleas, Bird Mites, Dust Mites, Clover Mites and Red Spider Mites by [Wilfred  Paul]

Food Dehydrator Recipe Book: The Complete Guide to Dehydrating Foods Including Vegetable, Fruits, Meat, Snacks & DIY Dehydrated Meals for The Trail or On-The-Go by [Susan Castelli]

FOREVER SILENCED by [Richard S. Cohen]

survival food year supply: How to store food for a year, how to live without a grocery store for a year, 23 best foods for healthy living, food storage methods for more than one year by [aaron Brown]

The Spike Camp by [Travis Stepper]

Bean Cookbook: An Easy Bean Cookbook with Delicious Bean Recipes (2nd Edition) by [BookSumo Press]

DIY Homemade Moonshine, Whisky, Rum, and Other Distilled Spirits: The Complete Guidebook to Making Your Own Liquor, Safely and Legally by [Richard  Armstrong]

Weekend Homesteader: February by [Anna Hess]

Westward Wanderers-Book One: Where He Leads: An Inspiring Story of the Oregon Trail by [Angela Castillo]

Self-reliance: Recession-proof your pantry by [Backwoods Home Magazine, Jeffrey R. Yago, Sylvia Gist, Linda Gabris, Jackie Clay]

Homesteading and Gardening for Aspiring Self-Sufficient Beginners: Maximize Your Small Space, Grow Your Own Food, Raise Your Own Meat, and Live a Truly Self-Supporting Life by [Tom Greer]

Wild Spring Plant Foods: The Foxfire AMericana Library (7) by [Fox Fire Students]

Herbal Medicine for Beginners: A Simple Guide: 37 Vital Healing Herbs and Natural Remedies for Common Ailments by [Rory Boyle]

Variant: Book One in The Variant Series by [T.C. Edge, Laercio Messias]

Recipe Hacks for Pancake Mix (Cooking on a Budget Book 15) by [Laura Sommers]

NOVEMBER FEUD (October Fall series Book 2) by [Mark Loren, Boyd Craven Jr.]

Aftermath: Part 3 by [K.W. Callahan]

The Break Down: EMP Survival in a Powerless World by [Robert J. Walker]

Easy Cat Biscuit Recipes: Terrific Baked Biscuit-Treat Ideas for Cat Owners by [Tyler Sweet]

HOW TO PRESERVE MEAT, FISH, AND GAME: The complete guide to smoking and salt curing by [Raw  MEAT]

IRIDOLOGY HANDBOOK: The Ultimate Guide on the Basics of Iridology Charts and How Our Eyes Affects Our Health Including Iris Patterns, Charts, Maps and Markings by [June Corder]

Chicken Coops: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Planning and Building the Perfect Chicken Coop (Chicken Coop Plans, Raising Backyard Chickens,Chicken Coops for Beginners) by [Mason THOMPSON]

Beacons in the End (The End Saga Book 3) by [C.L. Zelle, LC Ellez]


One Acre Homestead: Planning for self-sufficiency by [Sara Simmons McDonald]

Ten Acres Enough: Small-Farm Self-Sufficiency Through High-Quality Produce (Back-to-the-Land Adventures Book 1) by [Edmund Morris, Robert Plamondon]

The Scout's Guide to Wild Edibles: Learn How To Forage, Prepare & Eat 40 Wild Foods by [Mike Krebill]

Starter Coops: For Your Chickens' First Home by [Wendy Bedwell-Wilson]

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