Budget Friendly Kindle Downloads! 7/18

These are my recommendations for Budget Friendly Kindle Downloads from .99-$4.99 for homesteaders, preppers, and do-it-yourselfers. If you do not have a Kindle you can download the Kindle for PC app on the Amazon homepage. Please “Like” and Share a link to my blog on Facebook or bookmark this blog and come back daily for more great picks. Thank you! Enjoy!

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Spice Cookbook: Delicious Spice Blends that will Add New Life to Every Meal by [Anthony Boundy]

Food Canning & Preserving for beginners: Learn how to can food at home with water bath or pressure canning and other preservation methods. Includes easy recipes for jams, vegetables, soups and meat by [Julia Pattinson]

Becoming K-9: A bomb dog's memoir (K-9 Heroes Book 1) by [Rada  Jones, Rada Jones MD, Marian Josten]

Air Fryer Cookbook: 500 Simple Air Fryer Recipes for Beginners by [Rosemary King]

By Command of the Viceroy (James Ogilvie Book 7) by [Philip McCutchan]

Meat Rabbits: No More Pellets, a Beginner's Guide to Raising Rabbits with Natural Feeds at Little to No Cost. (Backyard Homesteading Book 1) by [John M. Max]

Voyage of the Heart (The Wellington Patriot Series Book 1) by [Cheryl R. Lane]

Raising Chickens for Eggs: Learn Everything to Protect your Flock and Eggs from Predators and Raise Disease Free Chickens (Backyard Homesteading Book 2) by [John M. Max]

The First 100 Days of the Rest of Your Life: Daily Devotional by [Mark J Musser]

RAISING MEAT RABBITS IN COLONIES: Step By Step Guide On How To Raise Meat Rabbits In Colonies by [Jayden Logan]

Tasty Mochi Recipes: Delicious Mocha Recipes to Spice Up Your Meals by [Barbara Riddle]

Retreat Security and Small Unit Tactics: A How-To Guide for Protecting Your Loved Ones and Property When it All Comes Unglued by [Mark Goodwin, David Kobler]

Hassle Free Radish Cookbook: Simple & Delicious Radish Recipes by [Thomas Kelly]

The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning: Everything You Need to Know to Can Meats, Vegetables, Meals in a Jar, and More by [Diane Devereaux - The Canning Diva]

Living Room Weight Training: Dumbbell-based exercises and routines for building strength, getting toned, and achieving the body you want at home! (Living Room Fit Book 2) by [A.K. Davidson]

The Complete Guide to Pickling: Pickle and Ferment Everything Your Garden or Market Has to Offer by [Julie Laing]

Beginners Guide To Knitting Socks: Learn how to Knit Socks Quick and Easy by [Chloe Thompson]

BIONIC BUTTER: A Three-Pawed K-9 Hero (K-9 Heroes Book 2) by [Rada Jones, Marian Josten]

The Complete Guide to Preserving Meat, Fish, and Game: Step-by-Step Instructions to Freezing, Canning, Curing, and Smoking (Back to Basics Cooking) by [Ken Oster]

SUCCULENT GARDENING GUIDE FOR NOVICE: A Complete Practical Guide on How to Grow and Nurture Your Succulent Plants with Ease by [MILTON DIPIETRO]

Tonkawa: A Western Fiction Adventure (Tuc & Pokak Book 1) by [Ash Lingam]

Smuggler's Moon (Rakes & Rebels: The Raveneau Family Book 3) by [Cynthia Wright]


The Home Butcher: Simple, Modern Techniques for Processing Beef, Lamb, Sheep & Goat, Pork, Poultry & Fowl, Rabbit, Venison & Other Game by [James O. Fraioli]

Saving the Season: A Cook's Guide to Home Canning, Pickling, and Preserving: A Cookbook by [Kevin West]

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