Budget Friendly Kindle Downloads! 4/6

These are my recommendations for Budget Friendly Kindle Downloads from .99-$4.99 for homesteaders, preppers, and do-it-yourselfers. If you do not have a Kindle you can download the Kindle for PC app on the Amazon homepage. Please “Like” and Share a link to my blog on Facebook or bookmark this blog and come back daily for more great picks. Thank you! Enjoy!

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Three Days of Darkness by [Aitken, Glen]

Ready Or Not: A Twisted Psychological Thriller by [Plum, AB]

Black Tears: HAVI Virus Book 1 by [Nightingale, Nicol]

Leaky Gut Syndrome Explained: A Syndrome That Is Highly Overlooked But Extremely Dangerous by [Bush, Leah]

Hello! 150 Cornmeal Recipes: Best Cornmeal Cookbook Ever For Beginners [Mini Cake Recipe, Italian Cookie Cookbook, Loaf Cake Cookbook, Easy Homemade Cookie ... Shortbread Cookie Recipe] [Book 1] by [Ingredient, Ms.]

Plague: Vestiges by [Michaud, Jenner, Bowman, Ginny]

Scrumptious Skillet Recipes: Your Go-to Cookbook of Quick & Easy Dish Ideas! by [Boundy, Anthony]

Zombie Park (The Z-Day Trilogy Book 1) by [Ailes, Mark Cusco]

Italian Takeout Cookbook: Easy Italian Recipes to Make at Home Including Pizza and Pasta by [Chang, Lina]

BEYOND RED LINES by [Rehov, Pierre]

Questions Answered: An Introduction to QAnon and the Great Awakening by [Quincy, Pat]

Mystery at Black Boulder by [Glynn, A. A.]

QAnon and the Battle of Armageddon: Destroying the New World order and Taking the Millennial Kingdom by Force by [The World, Redpill]

Dumpling Cookbook:  Delicious Asian Dumpling And Pot Sticker Recipes For Beginners (Chinese Takeout Cookbook Book 1) by [Wong, Kenny]

The Approaching Apocalypse and Three Days of Darkness: Updated 2019 (Bible Prophecy Revealed Book 4) by [Fortner, Michael D.]

Homemade Bread Cookbook: Mouth-Watering Bread Recipes Made From Scratch by [Macros, Smart, Clark, Sandra]

Fight the Shock: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller (World in Collapse Book 1) by [Oday, William]

BURNERS: A Novel of Post-Apocalyptic Hope by [Mayer, Bob]

The First 30 Days: A Zombie Apocalypse Novel by [Powell, Lora]

Building a Home: Standards and Tips for Building or Renovating a Home by [Redding, Ronald]

Dehydrator Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners to Drying Food at Home, With More than 100 Healthy and Easy Recipes, Including Making Vegetables, Meats, Fruits and Much More by [Fonseca, Sara]

How to Effectively Implement Sunflower Seeds into Your Diet to Improve Your Overall Health and Well-Being by [Reporter, Nutritional]

Pandemic - Survival - Preppers Mash-Up by [Shepherd, Christoph]

Life (Citizens of Logan Pond Book 1) by [Belliston, Rebecca]


AI, TRUMP, CHINA & THE WEAPONIZATION OF  ROBOTICS WITH 5G: How China, Western AI and Robotics Corporations Pose the Greatest Threat to People via Bio-Digital Social Programming & Why Support Trump? by [Parsa, Cyrus, The AI Organization]

Calm before the Storm (Q Chronicles Book 1) by [Hayes, Dave]

The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy: How the New World Order, Man-Made Diseases, and Zombie Banks Are Destroying America by [Marrs, Jim]

The Left Behind Collection by [LaHaye, Tim, Jenkins, Jerry B.]

Egg Powder

Dehydrated Egg Powder - Whole Dried Eggs (White + Yolk) - Shelf Stable Food for Emergency & Survival Long Term Storage - All Natural Protein - Keto & Paleo Friendly - Non GMO, Gluten Free - 1 lb

Chocolate Peanut butter powder

PB2 Powdered Chocolate Peanut Butter with Cocoa - 4g of Protein, 90% Less Fat, Certified Gluten Free, Only 50 Calories per Serving for Shakes, Smoothies, Low-Carb, Keto Diets [2 Lb/32oz Jar] (32oz)

Butter Powder

Hoosier Hill Farm Real Butter powder, Hormone.free, 2 lbs

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