Budget Friendly Kindle Downloads! 9/2

These are my recommendations for Budget Friendly Kindle Downloads from .99-$4.99 for homesteaders, preppers, and do-it-yourselfers. If you do not have a Kindle you can download the Kindle for PC app on the Amazon homepage. Please “Like” and Share a link to my blog on Facebook or bookmark this blog and come back daily for more great picks. Thank you! Enjoy!

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How to Cure Toenail Fungus Naturally by [Henry, William J.]

Divided We Stand (What's Left of My World Book 4) by [Rudolph, C.A.]

From Cellar to Throne: Zen's Quest for Immortality 18: Undergoing The Heavenly Tribulation (From Cellar to Throne: Zen's Quest for Immortality Series) by [Reader, Mobo, Jie Tuo, En Chi]

Run Like the Wind: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller (The SHTF Series Book 3) by [Akers, L.L. ]

The Simple Guide to Urban Survival by [Muhlestein, Daniel, Jesse, Daniel]

All That Survives: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller (Lone Survivor Book 2) by [Hunt, Jack]

The Last City of America by [Tysz, Matthew]

The Road to Redemption: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller (A World Torn Down Book 6) by [Fernfield, Rebecca]

New World Order: 666 - The Mark of the Beast (Vol. 1) by [Benton, W.R.]

Post Grid Wagontrain: An Arizona EMP Adventure by [Martineau, Nancy, Martineau, Tony]

If I Could Tell You How It Feels: My Life Journey With PTSD by [Rose, Alexis, Rosauer, Janet]

Coulter's Saloon: Surviving in the Ol' West by [Hogan, L. Douglas]

Counter-Strike (Mitch Kearns Combat Tracker Series Book 2) by [Sawyer, JT]

The Militia: Book Five in The No Direction Home Series by [Sheridan, Mike]

The Organically Clean Home: Daily Guide to achieve a cozy and organically clean home (The Organized Home, cleaning house, cleanliness) by [Hamilton, Brittany]

Rescue: Book 3 in the After the Fall series by [Nees, David]

Off Grid and Free: My Path to the Wilderness by [Melchiore, Ron]

Dysphoria: A Novel of America's Coming Financial Nightmare (Black Swan Book 1) by [Goodwin, Mark]

Fertility Diet: A Beginner's Step-by-Step Guide to Increase Fertility Through Diet:  Includes Recipes and a Meal Plan by [Ackerberg, Bruce ]

Cookies, Bars, Brownies & Candies: Southern Collection of Favorite Homemade Goodies! (Southern Cooking Recipes Book 10) by [Watson, S. L.]

Prepare.... or Die: No Water by [Sullins, John]

Beans, Rice & Potatoes: Whole Foods Made Delicious! (Southern Cooking Recipes Book 68) by [Watson, S. L.]

Survival, Dark Times: An Epic Fantasy Adventure by [Johnson, D. R.]

The Apocalyptic Timeline in the Book of Revelation: Volume 3: Raptures by [Johnson, Andronicus, Lee, Caleb, Stephen, Azaria]


The Let Me Go Series: A Psychological Suspense Family Saga by [Akers, Lisa]

How to Start a Business in Iridology and Nutritional Consulting: The Proven Beginners Guide to Success by [Navratil, Frank]

Your Blood Never Lies: How to Read a Blood Test for a Longer, Healthier Life by [LaValle, James B.]

Rosemary Gladstar's Herbal Healing for Men: Remedies and Recipes for Circulation Support, Heart Health, Vitality, Prostate Health, Anxiety Relief, Longevity, Virility, Energy, and Endurance by [Gladstar, Rosemary]

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